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See what some of the Next Level Confident Clients had to say!

Jessica's Story

“I feel like I have the tools I need to continue to work towards my goals. I no longer feel stuck. My mental game is so different. I feel like I am making smarter choices for myself, and have more control over my own life.”

Liz's Story

Liz’s three biggest changes from Next Level Confident were: 1. A more positive attitude. 2. A consistent daily routine. 3. Making healthier choices daily.

Rachel's Story

“Janelle has helped me build a healthy, balanced lifestyle through working out every day and eating healthy, but also knowing that it’s ok to go have a drink with your friends and enjoy life if you want to. I’m just so thankful for her.”

Alicia's Story

“Janelle wants me to WORK HARD and reach my goals, but she also knows I’m a sucker for CHOCOLATE CAKE! She encourages a balanced life! I can eat the cake and still work really hard and enjoy life!”